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How I've been using my American Express Platinum card in a pandemic

Generally, I have a go-to credit card when it comes to traveling. This card is the American Express Platinum card.

Unfortunately, I haven't done much traveling for the year, and not sure if I will be traveling anytime soon. It's not that I don't want to travel but, with the continuous changes to COVID-19 travel restrictions and rules, it becomes harder to plan trips aboard. So, like most of us, it makes sense to stay put.

Although I am not traveling, I still maximize the use of my American Express card. Here's how:

Amex Offers

Amex offers incentives to use your card at suggested retailers with the reward of cashback or points. Sometimes, there's a minimum spending requirement, but in the end, I always save money. Hopefully, the news of the COVID-19 vaccine will be favorable in the coming weeks, which means I will be able to use the Delta coupon above.


Blinkist is a book summarizing subscription service that gives you the top bullet points of your favorite books in 15 minutes or less. Think of it as Amazon Audible, but instead of reading or listening to an entire book, you get the truncated version. As an avid reader, something is intriguing about reading a physical book. But I figured I'll give Blinkist a try, especially considering it's a complimentary subscription courtesy of American Express.

Small Business Saturday

Once a year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Amex encourages cardholders to shop at small businesses. A way to help generate income for small business owners after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday. Things were different this year as Amex pushed several campaigns to help small businesses. I ventured to several small businesses, and it didn't hurt that I got a $5.00 refund every time.

Uber Eats

I have cooked more in the last nine months than I would have done in a 'normal' year. I order out a lot too. I've used my Amex Uber credit to cover the cost of some deliveries. Remember, American Express gives an annual $200 reimbursement for Uber with the Platinum card. It also applies to Uber Eats. As an added benefit, Amex threw in a free year subscription for UberEatsPass, which includes free delivery and 5% off meals above $15.00.

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Amex Platinum card offers a $100 Saks Fifth Avenue reimbursement throughout the year ($50 bi-annually). If you're familiar with Saks, you are aware that items are often well over the $50 credit. This credit is a great way to save or shop for a gift. I used to pick up a few essentials while at home.

Cell Phone and Streaming Credits

Since April, American Express has been reimbursing $20.00 for both cell phone service and streaming credits until December 31st, 2020.

Hopefully, this continues into the new year.

Despite being unable to travel, I have managed to save $320,00 this year with the perks of my AMEX.

Editors Note: Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of any parties mentioned. None of the entities mentioned has reviewed, approved, or endorsed the content listed in this post.


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