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How powerful is your passport?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

U.S Passport
U.S Passport

As a solo traveler, I tend to be free-spirited in movement. I never actually plan my trips in entirety, I just book a destination and go with an open mind. Some trips, however, cannot be planned without having all the right paperwork. I’m currently in the middle of filling out my application for a Chinese visa, which has given me the chance to do a lot of research on where I can go with my U.S passport.

The United States passport allows you visa-free entry into 174 of the worlds 196 countries. There sometimes are exceptions, like this past summer Brazil waived its visa requirement to facilitate the Olympics (June 1–Sep 18) and China that allows waivers only for travelers who are transiting in China.

The United States passport is ranked 4th, tied with Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands as the most powerful passports in the world. For additional countries, a visa will get you there. Also if you’re not comfortable filling out your application, there are third-party options that will do it for you for the right price.

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