Jumbo Stay, Stockholm

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

After seeing footage of Bruce Cambell in his converted Boeing 747, I now know what my future home is going to be.

I know what I want but don't yet know how it's going to be. So, I began researching and came upon the Jumbo Stay Stockholm. Jumbo Stay is a converted 747, now being used as a hotel. I planned my trip to Sweden to stay at this very hotel.

The Jumbo Stay, Stockholm

Located minutes away from the airport, it has a great location on the top of a hill with views of the runway for my fellow aviation lovers. At the airport, go to bus stop number 3 and take the free ALPHA shuttle bus that takes you to the hotel. It runs every 15 minutes.

Breakfast / Reception Area

You can board the aircraft by stairs and lift. You enter into the reception area. It doubles as an eating area. Rooms are both inside and outside of the plane. The engines outside are 4 private rooms, but you need to come inside to eat and shower. There are 29 rooms on the inside of the hotel with the most impressive the Double Bed Cockpit Ensuite.

Room choice at Jumbo Stay Stockholm

Double Bed Ensuite Cockpit

2 of the 4 outside suites

On board movie room

Jumbo Stay Sweden

More information on the hotel at www.jumbostay.com

The visit was well spent. I now know how to design my future airplane home.

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