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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Rio, like every traveler in this world, has been on everyone’s to-do list. I met some good people there and would love to one day return and experience a carnival, It looks like so much fun.

I arrived on a Friday morning, setting the scene for what would be an absolutely crazy weekend. I Flew in for a friend's birthday celebration but really who needs an excuse to go to Brazil? I put my bags down and the first place I went to was Copacabana.

Now, this was my first mistake. As an island boy, (From Nevis) I missed having coconuts from the actual coconut. So after downing two of those I went straight for the Caipirina’s. When I say these things creep up on you, the only thing I remember was waking up on the beach with my shades over my eyes.

Local Fish and Chips
Local Fish and Chips

I needed food and I needed it fast or I wouldn’t make it through the day. I stopped at one of the local shacks on the beach and got a whole fish and fries. Then I returned to my Airbnb to have a nap. Later that night I went to Restaurante Marius Degustare to have one of the best meals in Brazil. If it's not on your to-do list, add it. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse with some of the best cuts of meat statewide. They also have a wide array of fish and other dishes. All for a standard price of $56.00 If you eat as much as I do, then you know it's a great deal. I finished the night off with clubbing in Lapa.

The next day was a late day (I didn’t get in till 7 am) but I managed to walk around Rio, see the city, and the malls, and had an awesome lunch at the Fairmont Rio De Janeiro Copacabana. When I return to Rio, I will stay here as the view from the pool is unmatched and it was some of the best food ever. I walked down Copacabana and then found myself at a breach concert. I admire how the people are always on the breach and having a good time.

Sunday morning was an early start. Wanted to be one of the first people at Christ the Redeemer, the problem was everyone else had the same idea so there was a crowd regardless. I took an Uber to the parking lot, walked up the hill, and then bought tickets. I walked back down to the bottom of the hill and took buses to the top. Once at the top of the hill, we first took an elevator up one flight, then some stairs to make it to the foot of the Statue. It was good to see it in real life and cross off one of the seven wonders of the ancient world from the list.

Christ the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer

After Christ the Redeemer, I was back in an Uber and headed to Selaron steps.

It was a mob, please try to get here early as the number of people is insane. You get better pictures at the top as many people aren’t really willing to climb the top for views. I had lunch down the street where I first got to try Farofa. (Cassava powder) It goes well with black beans and rice but Brazilians put it on everything. After being fueled up, I made it to my last stop Sugarloaf mountain.

Sugarloaf has an amazing view of the city. You first take on the tram and then a second tram to the highest point. Up top, there are gift shops, restaurants, liquor, gardens, and the launch pad for helicopter tours of Christ the Redeemer.

Once I was at the bottom the realization set in that I needed to make my way to the airport. I had an 11 pm flight and I needed to head back and grab my things. Brazil was really interesting and when I return, the focus would be more on the food scene and enjoying myself instead of checking out the many things to do. Until next time.

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