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The Lorraine Motel, Memphis Tennessee
The Lorraine Motel, Memphis Tennessee

We all know my preferred method of traveling is flight. So when my sister came up with the brilliant idea of a road trip from Texas to New York, I was not a fan. After thinking it through, I finally decided it would either be the worst decision of my travel life or a great experience. It turned out to be the latter.


Getting to Texas was fairly simple. Cashed in 10K Advantage points for a one-way to Dallas. I choose Hertz as my car rental as they were the only ones allowing drop-offs in New York City at the time. I spent the day in Dallas, more on my trip here.

C.R.Smith Museum in Dallas, Texas
C.R.Smith Museum in Dallas, Texas

Day 2 of the trip started at 6:30 am. We got muffins from the Westin DFW and hot tea. We followed the route to I30 and drove until we got to Texarkana, Arkansas. This was a planned rest stop as it would be the only stop in the state.


We learned a little about the Natural state in my short time at the rest stop. The attendant was knowledgeable and very open about sharing his facts about the state. They also gave out free Little Debbie snacks as they were produced in the state. I know it doesn't jump out as the first place to visit on a road trip but it does have a few places I wouldn't mind visiting in the future.

Rest stop in Texarkana, Arkansas
Texarkana, Arkansas


The I30 turned into the I40 and before we knew it we were in Memphis.

Memphis was another planned stop as we wanted to visit the Civil Rights Museum. The museum is across the street from the Lorraine Motel. The motel is the place where Martin Luther King was fatally shot on April 4th, 1968. After the motel was a trip over to Beale Street. I think of Beale Street as the Memphis version of Times Square and would love to return to see it light up at night.

Beale Street
Beale Street

After Beale Street, we were back on the highway. The next stop was a three-hour drive and the one I looked forward to the most. Finally, the last stop for the night was Nashville, Tennesse. I am sure Nashville has a bit to offer but that will be for another trip. This particular night I was only concerned about loading up on Hattie B's. I had been ordering their chicken online and it was finally time to have it in person.

Hattie B's
Hattie B's

I loved the service. You wait in line, you then order and they bring it out to your car. There was also an option to order online and have it ready when you get there. I know for next time. I ordered three meals and went back to my hotel. It tastes even better fresh and I would suggest you stop by one of their many locations to find out for yourself.

Day 3, We left Nashville at 4:30 AM since the drive to New York was almost 14 hours. We missed breakfast at the Courtyard by Marriott , Brentwood but I had leftovers from the night before. I didn't get to tour the hotel much as I was extremely tired from the day before. We drove through Knoxville before crossing over into Virginia.


I think it probably took seven hours to drive through Virginia with the only stops being for gas. I'd visited a few times before as a kid and would visit again.


Maryland, U.S.A
The only picture I took in Maryland

I have never actually been to Maryland. I pass through time and time again but I feel it is one of the places I need to be this summer. Ocean City has been on my radar for quite some time and I think this summer is the summer to make it happen.

New Jersey

As a New Yorker, New Jersey feels like one of those places that's so close but so far away. I need to plan a trip and take in what the state has to offer. However, the only stops made were for gas.

New York

Finally, after 3 days, 30 hours of driving, and 1,800 miles, I was back where I started. Home!. Want to see more of New York? Contact the Novaturientnomad to set up your walking tour today. (

Bottom Line

I like the idea of a road trip. Yes, I don't accumulate frequent flyer miles but the idea of exploring the countryside and having control of the stops and places to go is a great feeling. I plan to visit all 52 states and this seems like the most efficient way to do it.

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