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One of the best ways to travel is to save for it. I started by adding $20.00 a month into a high yield savings account. Example, Barclays Online Savings Account(2.05% APY). Then, I began to sell non-essential items, such as clothes, shoes, games, old electronics, basically whatever I could get my hands on. I also added all of my overtime pay to the account.


Then, I opened a checking account. The Charles Schwab Investor Checking is my favorite as there is no fee on withdrawals at ATM’s worldwide. However, if you are charged a fee, then its reimbursed at the end of the month. 


Lastly, one week before my trips I transfer the needed amount to the checking account for my traveling needs. The account is used along with my credit card as some places don't accept cards. Therefore,  I use my Charles Schwab debit card to get cash.



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