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A Full Year as a Delta Airlines Platinum Medallion Member

DC-7 at the Delta Museum in Atlanta
DC-7 at the Delta Museum in Atlanta

I fly a generous amount throughout the year. Mostly it's not enough to get me past Delta Airlines Silver Medallion Status. I always end up with enough Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM) for Medallion Gold Status(50k), then fall short on spending because I always get cheap tickets.

I've been a Silver Medallion member for most years since joining Delta in 2015. 2023 is the first year not having status as I didn't travel enough in 2022, but let me tell you how I traveled in 2022 with Delta Platinum Medallion Status.

Every January 1st, I fly to a different state, not for a purpose but to start the year off on an airplane. Last year, after returning from Washington DC, I was gifted Platinum Medallion Status by Delta Airlines through a pandemic promotion. Nonetheless, I welcome the opportunity.

A little background into Platinum Medallion Status:

  • It's Delta Airlines' 3rd advertised Tier in the program after the Silver and Gold Medallion.

  • In 2022, you earned it by earning 75,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM) or traveling 90 segments (90 flights) and spending $9,000 dollars on flights excluding taxes. There are new qualifications for 2023 here.

  • You get to select a gift for status—for example 20,000 Miles or a $200 gift card, etc.

  • My favorite is the complimentary upgrade.

So after receiving the status, I selected the 20,000 miles and then redeemed those miles for a trip to St. Lucia. I received upgrades on both flights.

I then cashed in more miles to Cancun, Mexico. I flew first class to Mexico for 26,000 miles and $84 in taxes.

My final trip of the year was a paid flight to Switzerland. Automatic upgrades are only done in the US and Caribbean so this trip was in the main cabin. It was still a great flight.

I am looking forward to more Delta flights in 2023.

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