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A year of having the UK’s Registered Traveller

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Registered Traveller
Registered Traveller

After a year of being enrolled in the UK’s Registered Traveller program, I decided not to renew. Most of the time, when coming into the UK, the line for foreign passports are always shorter than the European Union line so I never actually use the entry, to begin with.

I once wrote about being a Registered Traveller. My review on this is that it’s only valuable if you travel to the United Kingdom multiple times of year and for business travelers. I've used it twice this year as I haven’t visited the United Kingdom as much as I did in the past. The reason I won’t renew is not its use but rather its cost.

I recently changed my passport. (finally filled a passport) and the fee to update it was £20.00. On top of that, it's £50.00 to renew it every year. Global Entry is $100.00 for five years and I get way more use from that rather than the Trusted Traveller.


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