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First flight since the pandemic

A lot has changed since I last traveled. Fifteen months flew by on the calendar, there is a federal mandate on planes, and my passport and I learned to get along again.

As much as I could travel, I choose not to. One to give health care professionals one less person to worry about and two, in fear of being stranded in a country given the ever-changing requirements during the pandemic.

Finally, the wait is over. My first flight was a oneway flight from New York (LGA) to Dallas, Texas (DFW). I want to start by saying I am soo looking forward to seeing Laguardia (LGA) once completed. The airport has a nice aesthetic and is filled with great art installments. Looking forward to touring in full in the future.

Waterfall at Laguardia
Waterfall at Laguardia


I checked in a few hours before on the mobile app and as always it's carry-on only so I am still unsure of the requirements for checked bags. Upon reaching the airport, there was an attendant guiding everyone to their designated areas.

The TSA lines were nice and short and TSA Precheck made the experience seamless. Within 5 minutes I was past security. The longest part of the process was walking to Gate D6.


Boarding was pretty seamless since I arrived 20 minutes before boarding. By the time I got to the gate, it was time to board. Flights were boarded by a group. There was no evidence of social distancing as everyone piled onto the jetbridge.

The flight

The flight was AA 1984 on a retrofitted Boeing 737. The flight attendant gave out wet wipes upon boarding. As I snuggled into my window seat I got ready for nap time. (Flight was 6 am)

The flight time was a little over 3 hours a d there was no meal service. The flight attendants gave out Ziploc bags that included a bottle of water, a pretzel, and another wet wipe.

The flight was pretty smooth and seamless. We deplaned by row numbers starting from the front and going to the back. Of course, some people couldn't wait and made a mess of that too.


Flying is pretty seamless and other than the fact the plane was full, I noticed little difference if you exclude wearing the mask the entire flight.

Now that the test phase is out, I am looking forward to my next flight!

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