First Travel related thing I do for the New Year!

From all of us here at Novaturient Nomads, we want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Now, before we plan out any of our trips for the New Year, we have a few housekeeping rules. The first of which is to maximize the use of your travel credit cards.

The American Express Platinum Card

The first thing to do before booking any flights is to select airline incidental at American Express. This process is pretty simple.

First, sign in to your American Express account.

American Express Front Page

Then select the benefits tab at the top of the page.

American Express Benefits Page

Select the $200 Airline Credit.

American Express Airline incidental

After selecting, you will see the following message.

Scroll down to the selection below.

Choose an Airline from the list

Select your airline, then submit your selection.

After submitting your selection, you will receive a confirmation email that reads as follow.

The list above, explain all the items the credit can be used to cover. Just pay with your American Express card. After the payment is posted to your account, the funds will be reimbursed.

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