Happy King's Day!

I am Amsterdam sign infront of Rijksmuseum

I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that I should be nursing one of the world's most epic hangovers. Instead, I'm working!

Heineken Beers at the Heineken Experience

After my first visit to Amsterdam, a friend told me about her amazing experience during King's Day (Koningsdag) in Amsterdam. King's Day is a national holiday that is celebrated on April 27th, the birthday of King Willem Alexandar, when people from all over the world visit Amsterdam to experience street carnivals, flea markets, food, culture, and more. 

King's Day, however, was originally known as Princess' Day, to celebrate Wilhelmina’s birthday (August 31st). The festivities included fun and games for children. After Wilhelmina was crown queen, the name changed to Queen’s Day. Until 2013, when Willem Alexandar became the king of the Kingdom of Netherland.

Earlier this year on a KLM flight to Amsterdam en route to Milan, I met a few flight attendants, that told me what it's like in Amsterdam during this time. Think of it as King's Day 101. I was told that the actual day pales in comparison to the night before, which is known as King's Night when all the best parties take place. With this newly acquired information, I concluded I was attending Kings Day. And it has been on my bucket list ever since.

Itinerary for Kings Day

Then, of course, circumstances beyond anyone's wildest imagination occurred. The current pandemic halted traveling and gatherings, which made the trip seem unnecessary, and a risk to my health and others. This year, the Dutch Government encourages everyone to celebrate indoors. This only means that next year is bound to be bigger and better. That being said, I want to wish everyone in Amsterdam a Happy King's Day, and I'll hopefully be there next year!

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