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How about Argentina?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Argentina and the United States
Argentina and the United States

For those of us wanting to visit South America, this summer is a perfect time. I spoke a few weeks ago about entering Brazil visa-free and now the reciprocity fee has been lifted to enter Argentina.

Although U.S citizens aren’t required to have a visa to enter Argentina for stay up to 90 days, they were required to pay a $160 reciprocity fee prior to travel. This past week, the Argentinian Embassy located in the United States notified us that as of March 24th, 2016 this fee has been waived to US passport holders until further notice.

This is a valiant effort by the Argentinian government to increase both travel within the area and a push to be included in the US Visa waiver program. Regardless of the reason, as a traveler, I welcome the change.

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