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How it is to travel internationally

Gone are the days where international travel was simply a passport and maybe a visa. Nowadays (post-Covid) the array of requirements and rules varies by country. It also changes without warning which makes it impossible to plan international travel.

I recently went on my first international trip in 19 months and it was eventful, to say the least. Prior to the trip, the destination required that I be Covid vaccinated for 14 days or more prior to my trip. That is relatively simple but the requirements varied if unvaccinated. To be honest, you need a Ph.D. in International Covid travel to navigate through the rules per county. I understand the rules and try to abide by each one regardless of how I feel about each.

Returning to the United States, a Covid test is required regardless of your vaccination status. The CDC website has a list of testing facilities per country. Try to pick a location from that list to avoid any future hassle.

The problem I have with the Covid test though? No one checked it.

I arrived at the airport in a panic because I forgot to print a copy of my test results, despite having a digital copy. And to my amazement, I was able to board the flight without ever being asked for the Covid exam. When I landed in the US, the same thing. This raises the question, are the Covid tests really necessary?

I’ve heard of travelers paying between $30 and $200 for Covid exams and I wonder why would I go through the added expense if it won’t ever be checked? Perhaps I was lucky that time and I will monitor future trips to monitor this.

Perhaps this one one of those it’s better to have it and not be asked for it than to be asked for it and don’t. Whatever it is, I am just glad to be traveling again.

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