Italy by Train

On a recent trip to Italy, I had the worst train luck ever! Italy has a well-connected train system, which makes it easy to get around.  Italy, as you know, landlocks Vatican City and San Marino. In my quest to visit every city in the world, I planned a four-day trip to visit all three. Now, it is impossible to visit Italy in 4 days. You can, but you'll be doing yourself an injustice. The country has so much to offer. On my first trip, I flew into Venice This trip was a night in Milan, a night in San Marino, and two nights in Rome. In that same order, I flew into Milan and took the train to San Marino the next day. According to my itinerary, I should arrive in San Marino at 3:30 pm. Then, this happened. 

Email from Trenitalia
Email from Trenitalia

Translation: (Summary)

We inform you that, for investigations by the Judicial Authority on the Milan - Bologna high-speed line, the train you have booked will undergo a route deviation via Piacenza, which may entail a longer travel time of up to 35 minutes compared to the scheduled time. It turned out to be a two-hour delay. The next day was more of the same. Every train I took had a delay. Now, these things happen, it's apart of travel. It's also one of the things you hope would not happen on a trip with limited time. They do give refunds for these delays. However, if you purchased a ticket from a third-party service, for example, Trainline or Eurorail, you would have to contact them in terms of reimbursement. Italy by train is magical. As I said before, Italy has so much to offer. Florence, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Bologna, and much more. Need help planning your trip? Contact us today!

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