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JFK Terminal 1

In 1948, Idlewild Airport was constructed to serve as the premier Airport in New York. It was renamed in 1963 to commemorate the late 35th president John F. Kennedy (JFK).

In 1998, Japan Airlines, Air France, Korean Air, and Lufthansa opened Terminal One under a partnership. It is why the four airlines are on the emblem outside the airport to this day.

I first flew out of Terminal one on Lufthansa in 2016 on my way to complete my study abroad program in Germany. I only use it when flying Air France out of JFK but, I think it needs an upgrade.

Waiting to verify Covid Vaccination at Terminal 1 JFK
Waiting to verify Covid Vaccination at Terminal 1 JFK

On a recent trip to the airport, I found it to be a bit cramped. I Understand most of the barricades and sections are due to covid-19. However, there is not enough space for the actual passengers using the airport.

The airport has a few great features. There are smartcarte baggage services and a few great lounges. The Korean Air Loung and Air France lounge as accessible via Priority pass and the ones I visit frequently.

Hopefully, there is a plan to reconstruct this terminal as other terminals in the airport have done the same.

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