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Laguardia Airport (LGA)

Waiting Area Terminal B
Waiting Area Terminal B

Have you been to Laguardia lately?

Normally, I have avoided this airport since 2015 but, I am glad to say it's getting better. I have used Laguardia for most of my recent travels.

I have most of my domestic trips from La Guardia. The new terminal B is incredible, the two favorite parts are the vegas-style waterfall in the center of the waiting area (although it was off on my last two visits) and the American Express Lounge. As they complete construction in the upcoming months, I can't wait to see the finished product.

Terminal D is a bit more cumbersome. Currently, there's a 5-minute walk from the taxi drop-off to the terminal. After completion, this will not be an issue. The walk from the Delta lounge to the Delta shuttle gates is roughly 10 minutes and, I cant wait to see more of the space on my next visit.

In 1950 port authority placed a perimeter rule on Laguardia that all flights to and from the airport had a cap of 2000 miles. In 1984, this got reduced to 1500 miles. Hopefully, with the new construction and an updated airport, they can add a few longer flights to the airport.

Can we say LGA to LAX?

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