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My first lounge experience since the pandemic

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

After passing through security on a recent trip from Miami, I ventured to the American Express Lounge at Miami International Airport. It wasn't my first time flying since the pandemic. Recently, I flew to Dallas from Laguardia, but the American Express Lounge was closed.

I got to the lounge and joined the queue. Only to get to the front and realize there was a waiting list to get into the lounge. So I added my information and received a confirmation text.

1st Text from American Express "Hi T! You are now successfully in the queue in Miami Centurion Lounge. We will let you know when it's your turn, and you may return to the lounge."

Thirty minutes later, I received another text stating I had 10 minutes to show up to the lounge or my place in line would expire.

2nd Text from American Express "It's your turn! Please return to the Miami Centurion Lounge and show this message, together with your American Express Card, Government Issued ID, and Departing boarding pass, to the Member Services Desk within 10 minutes of receiving this message. Your complete party must be present to check-in. Thank you"

"To expedite the check-in process, please utilize your American Express Mobile App."

I was welcomed by the desk agent and followed the instructions laid out in the text by showing my boarding pass, ID, and American Express Platinum card. Meanwhile, another employee stood by to escort me into the lounge.

In the lounge, waiters were walking around serving and taking drink orders. In terms of food, an attendant managed the buffet and plated the food based on your selection.

Overall, it was a great experience like always. Besides the additional procedures and initial overcrowding, I didn't see much of a difference to the pre-pandemic American Express Lounge experience. I look forward to visiting more in the future.

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