Pride in London

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

London has always been one of my favorite cities and will always be. It’s the place I went to when I fell in love with traveling. Its where I would love to someday move to and a place I visit multiple times during the year.

Considering the June 23rd Brexit vote, I went to London that weekend to get an overall feeling of the city post–Brexit. British Airways 2272 was my ride for this trip. I landed in London around 10:00 am. I bought a round-trip ticket on the Gatwick Express. Next stop Victoria station.

About 2 years ago, I purchased an oyster card at the St Pancras Station in London and have been using it ever since (they don't expire). So, if you are planning to use public transport during your next trip to London I would recommend purchasing a regular Oyster Card or the Visitors Oyster Card. Transport for London website makes it easier than I ever could.

Rail Card and Oyster Card

Citymapper app

I walked into a crowd that turned out to be the Pride celebration in London. The London Pride Parade was filling with positivity and unity. Many of the troupes displayed great support for the tragic LGBT Orlando attack and the post-Brexit results which seemed to have left the nation somewhat divided.

Float at London Pride Parade

Many companies were out to show their great support for the LGBT community such as Nandos, Buzzfeed, Chipotle, Google, LinkedIn and many more. The excitement of the parade led me to Trafalgar Square where the festivities continued with live performances. There I used my Chipotle voucher to have dinner and met a few new friends along the way.

Chipotle coupons

Later, I headed back to Victoria Station and took the Gatwick Express to the airport. There I stayed at the Travelodge Gatwick Airport Central hotel located just a mile from the airport and easily accessible by the shuttle bus service at £3.00 per adult and £.1.50 per child. The room was great and better than expected for a budgeted hotel. There were basic amenities such as kettle, coffee, tea, and television.

Hotel in London

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