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Lounge access anyone?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Priority Pass
Priority Pass

I like to travel, whether it be an island, a city or in this case a new airport lounge. I like airport lounges, as they are less distracting than the gates and who doesn't love free food. Day passes for lounges vary in price, however, $99 gives you Priority Pass access for a year.

Priority Pass is a collection over 900 lounges worldwide and a great way to experience lounge access without having a specific loyalty an airline or cobranded card issuer. I recently received my Priority pass as compliments to my American Express Platinum Card. After reviewing the benefits, I quickly signed up for the priority access. Although some lounges have fewer amenities than others, it's still worth the trip for undisturbed rest and relaxation.

There are three ways to gain Priority Access:

1. The American Express Platinum Card

2. The Citi Prestige Card

3. Signing up for Priority Access

On my way back to New York I checked out the Escape Lounge in Terminal 3 at the Manchester airport. Your card and boarding pass is all that is needed to enter. Most lounges have great views of runways.

In the lounge, there is both al-a-carte and buffet in terms of breakfast. In the buffet, there was fruits, granola, cereal, sandwiches and pastries to choose from. Also, there were a variety of juices.

I look forward to maximizing my Priority Pass in the future and hope you do the same, until then Happy Travels!

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