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What’s your favorite airline?

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines

Who doesn’t love to fly? (Go ahead, I’ll wait) All jokes aside, I feel like flying is when I’m at my best. Of course, I take a laptop with me with the intention of doing work and always end up sleeping but it is one of these things I think people should do as much as they can while they can. I’ve never met a person that said I regret taking that trip nor do I.

The ability to have a great trip starts with having a great flight. These are my favorite airlines and why I think you should try them our too:

Delta Airlines: I first tried Delta Airlines in 2016. One of my close friends works for the airline and encouraged me to try it. So on a direct flight to Malaga, Spain, I did. And I haven’t looked back since. Becoming a medallion member is one of the best things I’ve done while traveling. I became a Silver Medallion member on my first trip, courtesy of a status match via another airline. I re-qualified in 2017 and am very close to Gold Medallion so for 2018. There crossover rewards program allows me to gain SPG points when flying and my American Express Platinum Card allows lounge access when flying. When you add everything together, the only regret I have is not joining sooner.

American Airlines - My first trip on American Airlines was in 1993. I flew to Orlando to visit Disney World. I flew American airlines only for about 20 years. When in Europe, I’d use its Oneworld partners Iberia, AirBerlin(cease operation Oct 2017) and Finnair. I still have miles accumulated on American and still, travel from time to time. (Matter of convenience, not a choice) I feel they cater more to the business traveler and I don’t always fit into that category.

Vueling: I began using Vueling as a way to earn Avios on codeshare flights to and from the United Kingdom. What I didn’t expect was that this airline would be my official airline for flying through Europe. Flying on a budget allows me to keep money in my pocket to do things while at a particular destination. I like the low budget fairs but I really like the fact they aren’t too strict on their baggage allowance instead of trying to gouge your eyes out like other budget airlines in Europe.

KLM Airlines: Member of the Flying Blue program with Air France, I like this airline for a lot of reasons. The ability to gain Skymiles while flying (Delta Skyteam partner) and they offer little gifts while in business class (KLM Houses). I was actually a flying Blue member before I was a SkyMiles member but since I live in the US I chose the domestic airline. All trips to Europe require a stop in Amsterdam but who doesn’t like a good old layover in one of Europes best cities.

Choosing one airline might be daunting but If you choose correctly, the world is at your fingertips.

Disclaimer: We do not receive any compensation nor are we affiliated with any of the airlines listed above.


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