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What’s your favorite points story?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

The Sunbright Hotel
The Sunbright Hotel

“How do you get to fly so much?”

“Isn’t it expensive?”

“Where do you find the time?”

People make time for what they want in this world. I’ve given up on the American dream and begun to walk my own path. My life revolves around travel. Like my good friend Ryan Bingham says “I Plan on grabbing as many miles as I can” (Up in the air reference)

At times I would do some pretty ridiculous things. Example, I only eat in restaurants that are in airline dining programs. Before I shop online, I check my airline's shopping portal. I try to get every single sign up bonus there is. Sometimes, things that make absolutely no sense to people, I do it.

Like the time I booked a hotel and spent 2 minutes in it. Seems ridiculous, well. allows you to earn a free night by spending 10. However, a year cannot pass without spending at least two nights. One day I realized my nights were about to expire so I booked the cheapest hotel I could find. $40 dollars later…

Room at The Sunbright Hotel
Room at The Sunbright Hotel


My intention was to just check in and check out but then I decided to see what kind of accommodation I can get for $40 dollars in Manhattan. Best $40 dollars I ever spent because I now have a great business idea and my Reward points.

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