48 hours in Bermuda

Updated: May 6, 2020

Town Hall, St Georges Bermuda

My 48 hours in Bermuda (49 if you want to be technical) can be summed up in one, small word, EPIC. My actual flight to the island was American Airlines 1609! Funny thing is Bermuda was founded in 1609. (Coincidence?)

I spent two days in Bermuda and enjoyed every bit of it. The locals say the busy season (April to November) is the best time to visit. I disagree. Explorers like myself prefer having fewer people around, having the island to myself is an absolutely beautiful thing. The smaller the crowds the more I get to discover, and the more I discover, the more info I can share with you.


The hotel is located just 5 minutes away from the airport. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. My favorite of the resort is the Prospero Caves (open from 9 am - 5 pm). It’s one of Bermuda’s oldest caves and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a swim in the cave. There are also other amenities, such as pool, jacuzzi, spa (held in the Cathedral Cave), a tennis court, and a dive shop. If you are looking to explore nearby areas the Resort gives you access to Baileys Beach. I like the Grotto Bay resort because it is all-inclusive and whatever they can’t provide the concierge at the front desk can help in meeting your needs. Just in case I was not clear – I highly recommend!

The Devonshire Lodge at Grotto Bay

Getting Around

Bermuda is one of the countries in the world that prohibits renting a conventional size car. As a result there are other options to explore the island, such as electronic cars, scooters, and public transportation.

The Bermuda Breeze Bus

Public transportation:

Public transportation is the Bermuda Breeze bus. If you’re here for a long time this is the way to go. The good thing is that bus tickets can also be used for ferries around Bermuda. Useful hint: there are poles on the streets that tells you the direction you are traveling. Blue means east and pink means west. To get access to the Bermuda Breeze bus you have to purchase a pass. This might be the best option if you're spending a long time.

Friday’s Agenda

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay was the first stop. Sunbathing next to the Caribbean water and pink sand is always a good thing. Horseshoe Bay was recently rated as one of the best beaches in the world and once you’re on the beach you will see why.

Next up, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. This is a great spot to take in the beauty of the island; from the ocean to the natural greenery, the view itself is worth the journey. Then it was off to Fort Scaur. When I arrived it was closed but it's a great location for a picnic with a beautiful view.

The View of Bermuda from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Afterward, I had a lengthy drive to the Royal Navy Dockyard. With so much to do at the Dockyard, you can easily spend a day. Two places not to miss are the Nation Museum of Bermuda and Bermuda Clayworks. On my way back to the hotel I stopped by Woody’s Sports Bar to get a fish sandwich. According to the locals, this is the best fish sandwich in Bermuda. One thing I liked about Woody’s is the jukebox in the back. $5 gets 18 songs, so go and be a DJ for the night.

Saturday’s Agenda

The Pool at Grotto Bay

The next day I decided to spend the majority of the day at the hotel and try some of the amenities. Breakfast is served in the Hibiscus room and lunch is served at the pool.

From there it was off to the parish of St. Georges where you can find a lot of attractions.

The Deliverance at Ordnance Island

I visited the St.Peters church as it is the oldest Protestant Church in the western hemisphere. It is over 400 years old.

St Peters Church

Close by, there is the Unfinished Church. Due to funding and a storm, the church was never completed. Now it is a landmark that is visited by many. Other areas in St.George worth a visit is Tobacco Bay beach, Fort St. Catherine Fort, and the Gates Fort. I ran into an ice skating rink which I never thought I'd see in Bermuda.

On my way back to Hamilton, I visited the Crystal Caves. The tour is approximately 30 mins and was very informative with regards to the caves and their origin. There are the Fantasy Caves that are a haven for cave lovers. To end the day I went to the beach at Rosewood Tucker's Point before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Sunday's Agenda

I had a few other places that I wanted to visit on Sunday but nature had other ideas. The rainy weather halted my plans for the day but I managed to grab breakfast at the hotel before heading to the airport.

At the Airport

The Graycliff Luxury Lounge, L.F Wade International Airport

Checking in at the airport requires you to be there 2 hours before your flight. Luckily Bermuda is one of the countries where you clear US immigration, which makes the entry into it the US a lot easier. If you are a Priority Pass member, you can get free access to the Graycliff Luxury Lounge.

I could have done much more but at least it allows me the opportunity to return.

I enjoyed my time in Bermuda and I hope the information provided offers you the same. If you have any suggestions on places I’ve missed or where I can visit on a future trip, let me know via email info@novaturientnomads.com.

Here is a snippet of my trip.


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