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6 Things Travel Taught Me

Patience: if it’s one thing you will get from travel, it’s patience. Having to show up three hours before your flight, wait in a line to check in, wait in a line to check your bag, wait in a line for security, sit in the airport and then wait to board. By time you get to the vacation you’re already tired. The good news is, doing this repeatedly gets you better at it and once you get better at it, you pay less attention to the frustration that it comes with. I no longer get flustered at another line, I just smile and wait my turn.

Gratitude: Every day I am able to fly is a blessing. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to do what I love. To experience new countries and new people and to make wonderful memories along the way.

Perspective: Your ability to travel comes down to one thing really, the type of passport you carry. Currently, with an United States passport I am able to travel to 172 countries either visa free or without having to acquire one in advance. If I had a Palestinian passport that number would shrink to 78. Things we take for granted is another persons dream, so value it.

Privilege: The more I travel, the more I understand my privilege. When I say things like I don’t drink pipe water when other people would like to have that luxury. It weighs on you and sometimes if you travel long enough it begins to affect you. I’m more aware of what I take for granted and how it’s the dream of others and aim to be aware of the privilege.

Kindness: I always thought of myself as a kind person even though in some situations I really wasn’t. Travel opens up your eyes to not only your kindness but the kindness of others. I can’t count the many times I have experienced kindness of strangers and how that had a positive impact on me to be a kinder person.

The Value of time: When we’re young we feel we have all the time in the world. It’s only as you get older you understand it. I spend less time going from attraction to attraction and more time cherishing time and the time I have in that particular place.

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