A day in Tangier, Morocco.

Updated: May 6, 2020

Tower in Tangier

For the most part, I plan my own trips but it felt really good having someone else do it. On my recent trip to Morocco, I purchased a day pass from Julia Travel. Julia Travel has many day trips throughout Spain and is a great service to plan a full trip in Spain and nearby countries.

I got picked up in Malaga by a representative of the company. From there it is roughly a three-hour drive to Tarifa. From Tarifa, I embarked on a boat called the Boraq for a one hour ride to Tangier.

Once I arrived in Tangier I got a first glimpse of the city. The first impression was that the city was vibrant and bustling. At every step, someone is trying to sell you something. Politely say no and move on to avoid being crowded by vendors. There are places nearby to change your currency but there is no need as everyone accepts the Euro in Tangier.

Street vendor in Port of Tangier

I have T-Mobile which is my go-to phone network when it comes to travel. However, Morocco is not included in their plan. I chose to go without service for the day but if you happen to need service, there is a mobile phone store on the pier.

Mobile phone store in Tangier


As part of the tour service, I took a bus to explore the history of Tangier. You’ll then drive through the newly constructed areas of Tangier, as well as the French, American, British and Spanish sections of the country. The first stop is a hilltop area where you can see magnificent views of the ocean and buy souvenirs.

At the next stop, camel rides were provided at €2($2.33). If you would like a picture of yourself riding the camel, it would cost the same as the ride which would be distributed later in the tour.

Camel riding in Tangier

The next location was a brief stop at the Hercules Caves. The caves had been rumored to be created by the Greek God Hercules, hence the name. It’s another great place to take a picture and mark your memory of your time in Tangier.

The final stop on the tour is Tangier’s old city. Here you can explore the maze of alleys and houses on foot. The great part of exploring the city on foot is that you get to see the city and interact with its people, which in my opinion, is the best part.

I saw a live show by a snake tamer and explored the market where I bought fresh produce and snacks. As part of the tour, I enjoyed a four-course local meal but this does not include drinks.

After lunch, I visited the Grand Bazar, which is a three-story building with a wide selection of vases to carpets, paintings, and artwork. If you are interested in shipping an item back home, they offer worldwide shipping.

Shopping at the Grand Bazaar Tangier

The next and last stop is back to the ferry terminal to return to Spain. The trip is something I’ll definitely do again now that I know what to expect, and I’ll even venture to do it on my own.


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