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A Finnish Layover (Finland)

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Having had the pleasure of spending a few hours in Finland was awesome. Since the trip was a matter of hours, a hotel at the airport seemed to be the best idea. The trip was a 16-hour layover and I was determined to make the most of it.

The hotel choice for the trip was the Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport. With so little time, knowing I would be out all night, I wanted to have a hotel close to the airport in case I overslept or was running behind schedule. Also, its located next to the Finnish Aviation Museum and we all know how I like flight museums.

Next to the hotel is the train station(Aviopolis) that takes you to the airport as well as downtown Helsinki. Ticket prices vary as they are dependent on zones. The price should be €4.60 each way.

My Helsinki Sign
My Helsinki Sign

After taking the train to downtown Helsinki, here are a few places I managed to see that night:

The My Helsinki sign: There are many of these signs throughout the city. It doesn't hurt to take a picture with one.

Temppeliaukio Church: This church is partly underground and has been this way since being inaugurated in1969. It is truly a sight to see as most churches arent built like this one.

Temppeliaukio Church
Temppeliaukio Church

Helsinki Cathedral: Towering above the city is the Helsinki Cathedral. It's one of the most visited places in Finland. This whitewashed, neoclassical cathedral is an impressive building and a must-see.

The Amos Rex Museum: A meeting place for art and urban culture. A 20th-century exhibition with the intent of presenting surprising encounters and unique experiences.

Amos Rex Museum
Nightfall at the Amos Rex Museum

Oodi, Helsinki Central library: I fell in love with the architecture of the building. The library acts as a meeting place in Helsinki. It also doubles as a venue for reading and other urban experiences.

Upenski Catherdral: This is the largest orthodox church in Western Europe, and it shows the Russian impact on Finland. It is also one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see.

The Helsinki Central station: Dating back to 1905, the central station is one of Finlands most famous art nouveau buildings. It also has one of the most impressive clock towers in Europe.

After a great night's rest, my final stop in Finland was the Finnish Aviation Museum. I waited until it was open at 10:00 am the next day and went to take in as much as I could before my flight.

Retired Finnish Airways Flight
Retired Finnish Airways Flight

Although short, the trip did give great insight into the city, and it does warrant a separate visit. I wanted to a Finnair model plane. I was unsuccessful since they need to be purchased at least 48 hours before your flight and then delivered to your seat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my stay and hope to be back soon.

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