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A roadtrip plus 26.2 miles

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Route 9
Route 9

I never give up an opportunity to travel. I love to fly but sometimes I'll try the alternatives. I drove to Lake Placid, New York. Summer is quickly approaching and it’s officially road trip season. The weather is nice, gas prices are relatively low and the open road is calling your name.

The journey from New York is roughly a five-hour drive. What I would say though, is to leave at a good time so you can enjoy the scenery of a road trip. I left the city at 5:00 pm and when I got to route 9, the only lights I could see were from my headlights.

My reason for being in Lake Placid was to run the 2016 Lake Placid marathon. I stayed at the Quality Inn which was about 4 minutes from the start of the race. The next morning I got up and went to the lounge for breakfast. I had fruit, not wanting to load up before my race and then headed out to the race. As you can imagine, after running 26.2 miles in the rain and cold, the only thing I wanted to do afterward was relaxing. The jacuzzi had my name on it. After decompressing, I began to hit the road back to the city.

The Quality Inn indoor pool, Lake Placid
The Quality Inn indoor pool, Lake Placid

The view in the day is so much more remarkable than at night. It took me a long time returning to New York considering the number of times I pulled over to take pictures. Camping in the summer or skiing when it’s cold? Plan a trip to Lake Placid!

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