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I saw the Berlin wall

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Brandenburg Gate,Berlin
Brandenburg Gate,Berlin

I’m no stranger to Germany. Last summer was my first time visiting as a study abroad student in Frankfurt Germany. Yea, I was there to learn but the true intrigue was to travel. I also got to spend time in a miraculous city called Koln (Cologne) and even did wine tasting in Rudesheim. What I did not get to see was Berlin, which brings me to this trip.

I flew from London to Berlin and it was the second leg of my summer Euro-trip. Berlin had always been intriguing. First order of business was to sign up for EasyPass. As a global entry member and an avid Eurotraveller, I am quite aware of how long immigration lines can tank a day, so I try my best to mitigate that in any way that I can. Once signed up, I left the airport and the adventure began.

The quickest way to the city center from Berlin's Tegel Airport is the TXL bus. Located outside of Terminal A. You can purchase a ticket at the information center or the machine €2.80($3.32). A Berlin Welcome card, starting at €19.90($23.60) is also an option for transportation and discounted attractions.

I stayed at the Meininger Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof in Central Berlin. It has a great location and is close enough to the central train station. It was the first time I stayed at a Hostel. For a list of great hostels, not only in Germany but the world, visit Hostelworld.

The days first stop was the Reichstag. The Reichstag Dome has some of the best views in Berlin but unfortunately, it requires an advanced purchase so I was only able to see the outside (better luck next time). After a quick walk through Großer Tiergarten Park where I learned about the Memorial of the victims of Nationalism of Sinti and Roma, I stopped at Brandenburg Gate.

After aimlessly wandering the city, I stopped at Alexanderplatz. There is enough to do in the square from hanging out in the park, shopping is close by and the fountain is gorgeous. After the square, was the walk to the Eastside Gallery. Its name comes from the long stretch of art that occupies its walls.

 A portion of the Eastside Gallery, Berlin
A portion of the Eastside Gallery, Berlin

Currywurst and Pommes are my diet whenever I'm in Germany, and for good reason, it tastes good and its cheap.

Currywurst and Pommes
Currywurst and Pommes

I finished off the trip with stops to the Soviet War Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie. The trip was an eye-opener and further gave me a reason to return. Plus, I actually have to try my Easy pass. Until next time it’s just me and my new friend, the Mitte Bear.

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