Weekend in the Big Easy

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

The Riverwalk, NewOrleans

One of the first things I saw driving into the city was the famous Mercedes Benz Superdome (let's go Saints!). I stayed at the Blake Hotel. Two things intriguing about the hotel was the fact that it was a former bank and the price (Under $200). Once settled, I began to explore the streets of New Orleans. I walked down St.Charles Street and over to Canal Street. My first stop was the Acme Oyster House. It's easy to spot locate, its the restaurant with the never-ending line that spills onto Bourbon Street. At no point did I ever feel like I was at a restaurant, they made you feel that much at home.


The line outside Acme Oyster House

I started off with char-grilled oysters, washed it down with the locally made Abita beer. I followed with a fried Peacemaker Po-boy and a side of Jambalaya. For dessert an Oyster shot. I loved every bit of my meal, nothing says welcome to New Orleans like local cuisine.

Po-boy @ Acme Oyster House

Next was a walk down Canal Street towards the Riverwalk. There I enjoyed breathtaking views of the river. At the Riverwalk you can also find The Outlet Collection, a children’s playing area, restaurants, and few gift shops along with the boat that takes you up the river.

Then it was back to Bourbon Street where I saw live bands, jazz performances, and several other independent acts. Bourbon Street is the true New Orleans. I had beers at Huge Ass Beer. I got beads from local stores. I partied at The Swamp, Krazy Corner, and Bourbon Heat. Then went to Krystal's for a few sliders before calling it a night.

After coming in at 4 am, my Sunday started a little bit later than anticipated. Nevertheless, I was off. I got out of my hotel and took a ride on the St. Charles Avenue line cable cars (Only costs $1.25 per ride). I rode it from one end to the other, then again to get off on Canal Street and Bourbon. From there it was down Bourbon Street trolling once more.

The St Charles cable car

No matter what time of day Bourbon Street is always packed with high-spirited people, locals and tourists alike. New Orleans grew on me immediately. The people are warm and very inviting. Speak to anyone from New Orleans they're sure to speak about the Saints or LSU, really proud sports fans.

I had dinner at Desire Oyster Bar. The restaurant has a great setting, with seats looking out directly at Bourbon Street. On the menu, gumbo, raw oysters, crawfish and more Jambalaya. The French Quarter has something for everyone. It's as active and vibrant as the city of New Orleans. Around 4 pm the police officers began to barricade Bourbon Street in anticipation of the party that is to come. I would especially like to mention the staff at Pazoo, Funky 541 and Bonbon Heat for adding flair to the overall experience.

Bourbon Street


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