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Can't Win Em All

Cruise Ship Terminal

When I docked in the Grand Cayman, I had roughly six hours to make something happen. I got off the boat and walked over to the Cayman Craft Market. At this point, I don't need another T-shirt or any ornaments that will find a permanent resting spot out of sight, so I resisted the urge to get anything. It was great seeing the creativity of the local craftsmen but this was one the things i'd have to admire from afar.

I then took the local bus to the beach. Where I messed up was wanting a local beach.

For context, I avoided any taxi that looked looked like a potential argument, you know the onces that see money not the person and choose the local bus. ($2.50) I proceeded to tell the busman I wanted a local beach. After about 30 minutes of driving my mind quickly changed. As the ride went on and one the surroundings began to look less and less touristy and as an island person myself, I wasn't feeling it.

I then told him to "take me back to the tourist beach", he obliged. I wanted a local experience but quickly realized settling for the watered down tourist trap couldn't be that bad. Until they tried to sell me a coconut for $20. (I'll pass)

Seven Mile beach was what the doctor ordered. Being on a beach is never a bad thing. I paid for a beach chair, a fruit punch and a few bottles of water, then rotated between sunbathing and the ocean.

Central Square

Before I knew it, it was time to get ready to head back to the ship. Again, I took the local bus but there are express options that get you to and from the cruise port. I walked around for a bit before heading back to the ship, admiring the town and the similarities to my home.

Seven Mile Beach was nice. The craft market was a great stop as well and although I didn't have any pf the local foods, I wouldn't mind returing in the future.

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