Emerald City (Seattle, Washington)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Traveling at night affords you one comfort, to be able to start a new day in a new place. It creates vigor and excitement around a destination. After arriving in Seattle, I was exhausted. None-the-less, rather than reaching for a cab, I opted for the subway to the city. The Link Light Rail takes you into the city. I got off at Westlake Station and then caught an Uber from there to the hotel.

Hampton Inn, Seattle

The next morning I headed over to the Space Needle to take in a few pictures. I opted to skip going into the site since I had other plans. I did, however, visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in the area. From there, I walked to Kerry Park. In my opinion, it has the best views of Seattle. And it's free!

View of Seattle from Kerry Park

After walking ten miles and building an appetite, I felt the only thing that could satisfy me was Ivars. I called an Uber and headed over there. I loaded up fish and chips before heading back to touring. To ease the pain on my legs, I rented a Jump bike and cruised through the city. Places I visited were Occidental Square and the Waterfall Garden Park. After returning the bike, I stopped into Top Pot for donuts and coffee.

Saturday mornings in Seattle is a precursor for the Pike Place Market. Lowell's Restaurant is your ideal place for breakfast. Take your meal upstairs to have breakfast with a view. Afterward, take a stroll through the market as it has a lot to offer. Head over to the fish market and try your luck in catching an Alaskan Halibut. You can buy artisan gifts and other items that would serve as a reminder of your trip in the future.

Pike Place Market

After the market, I caught a cab to Freemont. The main reason for the visit was to check out Gasworks Park. I climbed Kite hill and then headed over to the Freemont Troll. After a few pics, I stopped at the Freemont Brewing company to taste some local beer. They have a great environment and worth a visit.

Freemont Troll

Seattle's number one brunch spot has to be Biscuit B*tch. They are definitely worth the visit. After a great meal, I had an even better day. I went to the Museum of Flight. We all know how I am with airplanes, needless to say, I left when it closed.

I returned to the city to do one last bit of touring. I went to the Amazon Go store and had my mind blown. The technology used to orchestrate that store is very impressive. I then had dinner at a Seattle staple, Dicks Drive-In. These burgers are to die for, and the price fits in with every budget. I had a wonderful time in Seattle, and I can't wait to return.

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