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How expensive is it to visit Iceland?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

View of Reykjavik from the Radisson Saga Hotel
View of Reykjavik from the Radisson Saga Hotel

Want to know how I did a weekend in Iceland for under $800?

Considering leaving New York there were no available seats on Iceland Airs Economy Class, in which the next available seat was Economy Class Flex. This would have brought the total ticket price to $1216.06 so Delta was the best option. It also didn’t hurt that I had $150 Delta gift card to reduce the cost of my flight. (Free delta gift card I might add)

Flight: Delta 446: JFK to KEV

246: KEV to JFK


Fees Delta Airlines
Fees Delta Airlines

Total Cost: $339.16

Hotel: Radisson Blu Saga Hotel Reykjavik


When booking hotels, I always check to see what hotels are available within a program of which I am a member. Since I’m transitioning into using fewer hotel brands, (currently participate in 4 programs) I am using the miles I have on the others. With over 44,000 Club Carlson points available, I redeem 44,000 for one night at the hotel and paid for the other.

Night paid in points
Radisson Fees

Night paid in cash
Radisson Fees

Total Cost: $151.25 (€140.60)

Rental Car: Pro car

Procar Reykjavik
Procar Reykjavik

When I asked everyone what rental car company to use for Iceland, the response was either SAD Cars or Rental Cars Iceland. Unfortunately, I can only drive automatic, which cost up to three times as much than the cost of manual. (I really need to learn to drive manual) Therefore, I had to get inventive. I used the balance in my Citi Thank you points account (10,890) purchase the rental and paid the remainder of the balance on my Citi Prestige Card to be eligible for their rental car insurance.

Book with points through Citi Thank you
Procar Fees

Total Cost $24.95

Miscellaneous Expenses while in Reykjavik

Food: $53.06

For food shopping in Iceland, Bonus is the first place. Getting your groceries from their will save on your overall food bill. The hotel also offered free breakfast which was a great help.

Gas: $95.88

Renting a car and doing a self-guided tour is the best way to see Iceland. Also, the fact you have to return most rental cars with a full tank will ensure you have to fill up at least once.

Tours: $84.90

The only two things I paid for was the Blue Lagoon (worth every penny and more) and a walking tour from City walk Iceland. (Tour is free and runs only on donations)

Souvenirs: $44.87

As normal, I got a patch and a refrigerator magnet. This time I opted to pick up a bottle of Icelandic Vodka as well.

Total Cost: $794.07

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