Overnight in Paris

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

The Eiffel Tower

The unofficial city of love was my muse for one night. Normally when people come to Paris, it’s planned. In this particular case, I had no choice in the matter. (Not complaining)

My flight from Athens was 51 minutes late, which then turned my connection from 55 minutes to 4 minutes. Not to mention, when disembarking in France, a passport check was done on the flight gate and another when I got to terminal K. (imagine me running), All this to find out the gate had already closed. So despite my plane still being there and it wasn't scheduled to leave for another 15 minutes I couldn’t board. (Thanks Air France)

After securing my hotel vouchers and flights home, I did the only thing you could have done in that instance, wander. The shuttle bus took me back and forth between the Nomad Hotel and the airport where I took the RER B train to Paris. (€10.30) From CDG to Notre Dame is roughly 30 minutes.

The top the Eiffel Tower

The city of lights is a great place to be at night. It got the name as from its illuminating lights and people. To move around Paris at night is one of the more interesting things to do. To see the best view of the city, take a trip up the Eiffel tower (€17.00). The night crowds aren’t as bad as in the day.

Notre Dame from the Seine River Cruise

Afterward, glide down the walkways along the Seine to enter a nocturnal tour of Paris. The views will change your perspective of the city. These boat tours are great. (€10.00)

After seeing the views of the City from the water, do it by bus. If weather permits, try to stay out all night. It’s interesting seeing the city at night.

Champ De Mars at Night


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