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Jaffa, Israel

Yafo as it’s called in Hebrew is an ancient port city that is now a part of southern Tel Aviv. The port of Jaffa has been in use since the Bronze Age and is even mentioned in the Bible. To me, Jaffa is the one place you don’t want to miss while in Tel Aviv.

My first full day in the city was amazing. I got an Airbnb that was centrally located but about 15 minutes away from everything else. If you’re looking to be central in Tel Aviv, look into staying at the Jaffa or the Setai Tel Aviv which is located on the beach and just above the port of Jaffa.

Breakfast at Cafe Puaa
Breakfast at Cafe Puaa

I started with breakfast at Cafe Puaa. The cafe has a great location and has even better food. I started with a butter croissant and a cappuccino and followed it up with smoked salmon and cream cheese on bread. The salmon had the right amount of oil and the cream cheese melted on application. I have to say, this was some of the best smoked salmon, and creamed cheese I’ve had in life. This is the breakfast spot in Tel Aviv believe me. You won’t want anything else while there.

Across the street is the Jaffa Flea Market. The name insists on a flea market but while there are outdoor vendors practically selling everything under the sun, there are stores that sell trinkets, artwork, and other items that are geared towards tourists but show off the rich history of the city.

Next, I headed to the Jaffa port. I Sat on any of the many benches on the port and people watched while downing a glass of fresh lemonade. Afterward, you can either see the boats on the water or walk above the port in one of the oldest settlements in the city. At the top is the St. Peter’s church and the wishing bridge. There is also a park to relax and you will need it as the sun is no joke.

The Jaffa Clock Tower
The Jaffa Clock Tower

I then head back over towards the city to see the clock tower. The limestone clocktower has been there since 1903 and is at the center of the city. Walk along the boardwalk to North Tel Aviv. The Carmel market is another place where you can get fruits, spices, electronics, beers, etc. This is the go-to for everything you might ever need. Tel Aviv is a bustling city with tons of electronic scooters for rent.

Heading back down to the south of the city, have dinner at one of my favorite places, Onza. The Onza Swhwarma is one of the best I had in a while. Head one block over to one of the many bars in the area of drinks. Tel Aviv is one of the places in the world that has incredible nightlife and bar hopping is a thing here.

The next day was a late start and breakfast at one of the many bakeries in the area. Tel Aviv has some of the best bread anywhere in the world. Picked up a few items and some fresh juice and headed to the beach. Hilton Beach and Gordon Beach are some famous beaches but Jaffa Beach was the closest and it was a vibe. The waves are good for surfing but it's also calm enough for beachgoers. Spent the day tanning, swimming, and playing soccer with a group of strangers. The night ended at Casino San Reno for dinner. This was a great way to end a trip building memories I'd never forget. I really enjoyed my time in Jaffa and would recommend it to anyone visiting Tel Aviv.

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