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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I knew two things about Luxembourg before my first visit- that was my job had an office in the city and its located in Europe. Like many of us when visiting a new country, I was excited to learn more about the country and hopefully immerse myself in the culture.

This was one of the many short trips that I have taken. I spent a day in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, I left knowing a little bit more about the city. Luxembourg is one of those places that can be easily explored within a day. 

Upon arriving at Luxembourg Airport(LUX), one of the first things you’d see is the country's iconic tagline, "Luxembourg, let's make it happen". The tagline is said to reflect the country’s values that are reliability, dynamism, and openness. This aims to encourage everyone to embrace the possibilities that Luxembourg has to offer. 

Luxembourg, Lets Make It Happen
Luxembourg, Lets Make It Happen

After clearing immigration, I officially got inked into Luxembourg! (passport ink) I decided to try public transportation and went outside to purchase a bus ticket. However, I encountered my first problem. The kiosk did not accept either of my cards. Luckily, there was an ATM inside the airport. After withdrawing cash, I bought my bus ticket.

Using Rome2Rio, I caught the 16 bus, then transferred to the 25. Between you and me, the seven-minute walk listed by Rome2Rio felt like an eternity once you factor in the hills. There are other options to get to your accommodation such as a taxi or in my case the hotel shuttle service. However, the shuttle is available upon request.

While checking into the hotel I got a complimentary upgrade as a Gold member courtesy of American Express! Now, there was only one thing left to do - explore the city! 

Just a few meters from the hotel is the 12 bus, which takes you to Luxembourg city. I got off at the Centre, which is known as Badanstalt and started to explore. Luxembourg is a very walkable city that is filled with several iconic sites to visit. As I roamed the area, I managed to catch a live performance at the Place d'Armes. (Central Square in Luxembourg)

I decided to take a walk down to the Monument of Remembrance before heading to Cathedrale Notre Dame. It is the only Cathedral in Luxembourg with the countries flag towering above it. The inside reminds you of its lengthy history.

Cathedrale Notre Dame
Cathedrale Notre Dame

After touring the church and learning about its history, I visited the Casemates du Bock. The once World War II bunker has a myriad of underground tunnels and passageways. It is a great place to visit once in the city.

The Adolphe Bridge is another landmark that provides a scenic view of the city. After which you can catch the panoramic elevator down to the old town. Whilst in the old town I made my way to the Neumunster Abbey. The cultural center of Luxembourg. The city has a lot more to offer and explore but due to the lack of time, I couldn't. I returned to the hotel where I would enjoy dinner at the green restaurant.

The Green Restaurant and Bar
The Green Restaurant and Bar

Salmon Anyone?
1 of the 4 options on the late night menu (After 11pm)

The next day I had breakfast there as well. It was great while it lasted but It was time to leave. I took a cab to the Luxembourg railway station to catch my train to visit my next destination. Although it was short, I enjoyed my time in the city. Who knows, I might be back to visit those places that I missed. Nevertheless, now I can say that I know more about Luxembourg than I did when I started this journey.

Breakfast at the Hilton Double Tree, Luxembourg
Breakfast at the Hilton Double Tree, Luxembourg

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