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Pack Your Patience

If you have taken to the skies recently, you know the actual flight is no longer the most stressful thing. Nowadays its covid requirements, mask rules, and airplane cancelations.

I recently had both flights (arrival and departure) canceled on the same itinerary. What was interesting was the way I got rebooked.

We all know I am a Skyteam loyalist (Sometimes to a fault). Air France sent me an email stating my flight is now canceled and, I was rebooked on the previous flight almost four hours before. They gave me the option to contact them had I needed another flight.

Delta Airlines on the other hand, asked to select the replacement flight or contact them for a new flight. I chose to contact them as the replacement flight added a day to my trip and a nearly 30-hour stay in Rome. As much as I loved the opportunity to visit Rome once more, my schedule didn't allow for it. So I chose to contact the airline.

It turned into an almost three-hour ordeal. I didn't even get anyone on the phone. I got a quicker response via text. So this advice is to use the text feature if possible. It is faster and less painful.

My call with Delta Airlines
My call with Delta Airlines

You will select a few prompts and, once the agent comes on the phone line, you will provide some information:

Last Name

Confirmation number

Date of Travel

Airport Codes, Example ATL to ATH

This decision turned out to be less painful, and the app updates in a few minutes. The CEO of Delta sent an email earlier this summer stating this will be an issue until September as they are committed to training additional staff but in the meantime, this is the way to go.

Text Convo with Delta Airlines
Text Convo with Delta Airlines

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