Prague, Czech Republic

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

With its popularity as one of the most beautiful places in Eastern-Central Europe, known for its baroque architecture and its welcoming people; Prague has been on my list for years. When the opportunity came to visit, I took full advantage.

Czech Airlines

The airport in Prague is called the Vaclav Havel Airport. From the airport, hop onto the 119 bus to Nadrazi Veleslavin and switch to the metro that takes you nearest to your destination or hotel.

Old Prague Hotel Room #2

I stayed at the Old Prague hotel, located in Oldtown. The closest stop on the train is Starometska, followed by a 7-minute walk. The hotel staff was super friendly. They even shared a pack of chocolate wafers while explaining the rules of the hotel.

The next few hours were spent dipping in and out of alleyways, viewing synagogues, theaters, and admiring cobblestone streets. Then, I finally stopped at Old Town Square.

Municipal House Prague

Seeing the Astronomical Clock should be a must-see for any trip. The large crowds that gather to see the worlds oldest operational clock are breathtaking. Once the long hand strikes 12, people rejoiced in amazement as a clock aged 600 plus years still functioning.

Astronomical Clock Prague

To further appreciate the baroque architecture that surrounds Prague, I walked from Old Town Square to the Prague Castle. If walking is not your idea of a vacation, there is a tour service that offers train rides to the castle.

Cable Car Tour

In my opinion, walking is the most rewarding method to truly experience the beauty of the city. However, the path is not accessibility friendly as there are a few steps in between. Once at the Castle, it's like a step back in time. The preservation of this historical site is very impressive. Also, the back entrance offered a lookout with more views of the city, which was breathtaking.

Stairs Leading up to the Prague Castle

View of the City from Prague Castle

Back over the Charles bridge at central Prague, the city came alive with entertainment, bars, and more. One thing you should see is the Gallery of Steel Figures. The gallery caught me by surprise with artwork that represented many popular movies. I would recommend stopping at one of the many restaurants and try the local Goulash, a local favorite.

Nighttime Stroll on the Charles Bridge

The night ended in the city with bar-hopping, and you couldn't pick a better place. Due to the exchange rate, a night out in Prague will not break the bank.

Night Market in Prague

Although I didn't spend a lot of time in the city, it certainly has grown on me. The city has so much to offer and I hope to see more of it one day.

Prague Central Train Station

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