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Queenstown, New Zealand

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Aukland might be the capital of New Zealand, but Queenstown is the heart. On a recent trip to the adventure city, I became marveled by the sharp contrasts of the city. Standing on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, the southern alps provide a stunning backdrop for any picture.

Room View from Manor Park Lodge
Room View from Manor Park Lodge

I flew in from Aukland, which is roughly two hours away by flight. After leaving the airport, I hired a car to take me to my guesthouse. Fares are calculated by distance and taxi's can be requested by contacting Queenstown Taxi.

I stayed at the Manor Park Lodge. It sits on a hillside giving spectacular views of the lake below. During the day you can see enthusiasts indulging in watersports on the lake. It's roughly a twenty-minute walk to town, but there are options.

Statue of New Zealand Fern
Statue of New Zealand Fern

Option 1, you follow the street to Queenstown or option 2, you follow the lake. Using google maps make either choice pretty simple. Walking along the lake, you will stumble upon a little art studio called the Ivy box. The entrance almost looked covered in bushes while the inside showcases local art. The path takes you along the Queenstown trail which eventually gets you to the Queenstown Fallen Soldiers Memorial.

Ivy Box
Ivy Box

Queenstown itself has a very chilled vibe. It's where you go to indulge in your adventure side. You can rent jet skis, boats, and other watersport items. You can also book tours for most activities in the area from the Te Anau glowworm caves to a boat ride down Milford sound.

As far as food, I ate a lot of tacos in Queenstown. Taco Medic comes highly recommended. Try the fisherman while there. Another favorite is Caribe Latin kitchen. The food is unbelievable, and it's a relaxed vibe. New Zeland is also known for its wines. Stop at the Winery and enjoy some of the best wine the country has to offer.

The Winery NZ mobile van
Mobile Wine Van

I would recommend spending some time in Queenstown as there are enough day tours and activities to curb all needs. Depending on the time of year, there is skiing, helicopter rides to glaciers, and much more.

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