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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

 Niederwald Monument Rüdesheim
Niederwald Monument Rüdesheim

After leaving Frankfurt, we loaded up our suitcases and cruised down the Autobahn in route for our next adventure. We drove to the town of Rudesheim where we paused for roughly three hours. With little time and a lot to see, we headed to the Tourism office where we bought tickets for the cable car ride to the Niederwald Monument.

Tickets are €7 and the trip lasts about ten minutes. Once to the top, you have some of the most miraculous views of the city of Rudesheim. You can take the cable car back down or hike it. Once back at the bottom we visiting some local stores and got a true sense of what it meant to be a part of the city.

The culture was rich and centered around the activities of the town, one of which was winemaking. Their wine is one of the best I’ve had in a long time and gives me an appreciation for the taste that much more. I went to the St. Jacobus Rudesheim to see the architecture of the church and was amazed by the detail and precision shown within the church.

After visiting the church, we went to have lunch, we sat in a small little place serving Currywurst and Pommes (French Fries) with mayo. We went to a local souvenir shop and picked up local chocolates as a reminder of the small town that will forever be an image in our minds.

From there we took the Asback, a ferry that took us down the Rhine for an amazing adventure on our way to Koln. There is so much more I can say about the beautiful city of Rudesheim but it's better if I just show it to you. Enjoy.

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