Sundays in Usaquen

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Sundays are a special day in Usaqen. It is the only day of the week the Usaquen flea market operates. Roughly ten minutes north of where I stayed was this lovely little market.

A stand at Mercado de Usaquen

After having my taxi cab debacle, I had the front desk call me a cab. From the hotel to the market was 20,000 COP (USD 6.11). The market comprises of stalls, that line the street with everything from locally made scarfs down to trinkets made from Vinyl records.

Art made from Vinyl records

As I walked through the tightly packed streets, gawking at what each stand was selling from a distance, I was amazed by the number of people. The market excels in the showing of the talent of the local people.

Couldn't decide so I got 3

In the area are local shops, for food, coffee, ice cream and more. Once you pass the park, you see more street vendors who aren't necessarily with the market but use the opportunity to earn of few bucks.

The final thing I did was visit Catacion Publica. A local in Bogota told me if I was going to enjoy any coffee in Columbia, this would be the one. The store is a few minutes walk up from the market but a great place to visit. Once you enter the store, the aroma of the coffee energizes you. They offer great information and great coffee as well as classes to learn and make the perfect coffee.

Coffee Heaven

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