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T-mobile ups their travel game!

Recently, I received an email from T-mobile stating I got a travel upgrade. I was skeptical about what it was, so I clicked to see my perks.

The new perks were the release of T-mobile travel via Priceline.

A way for their customers to receive up to 40% off on hotels, pay now rental cars, flights, and more. Savings on Shell gas and access to Shell's Rewards program. One free year of AAA (basic of course) faster data abroad and four unlimited in-flight Wifi sessions.

Now I've been traveling with T-mobile since 2013. I like the fact that I no longer have to buy Sim cards when I travel and get ripped off due to lack of internet. Internationally they're a plus and the addition of the AAA is a nice bonus to their domestic footprint.

With the travel program being backed by Priceline, you are guaranteed to have experts working on your travel plans. Tell me what you think of this?

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