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Why T-Mobile and travel go hand in hand.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Long gone are the days of having multiple Smartphones or having a prepaid sim card for every country you visit, or even running out of data when I need it the most.

One of the things I try to do while on a trip is stay connected. T-mobile allows me to have that connection without paying excessive fees. It's considered a travelers carrier service and in some countries, the service is not the best. Please don't expect the same level of speed when traveling. (Normally 2G,3G or 4GLTE)

T-mobile service is accessible in 210 plus countries and gives an hour of in-flight data on certain international flights. There are paid plans after the hour if it is something you're interested in.

International calls are $0.25 per minute on these plans. T-mobile has since changed plans from the Simple Choice plan mentioned above, so make sure to see which plan is right for you. (Essential, Magenta or Magenta Plus)

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