Why T-Mobile and travel go hand in hand.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Long gone are the days of having multiple Smartphone’s, having a prepaid chip for every country that I visit or even running out of data in a day when I need it the most.

One of the things I try to do while on a trip is stay connected. T-mobile allows me to have that connection without hesitating to open my phone bill when I return home. It’s very simple:


The link above, details what countries are included in the 140 countries under this service.

This service is great for data use in countries outside the United States but what about in-flight?

Lucky for T-mobile customers, they also receive free in-flight text.

T-Mobile customers can text freely on airplanes that use Go-go in-flight Internet. For all other uses of data, a day pass has to be purchased from Gogo Air.

Although the data comes free with the simple choice plan, calls are still $0.20 cents a minute. How I manage to get around this is by downloading the Magic Jack App. It allows me to have a US number and make calls via Wi-Fi, just in case I need to call home on an emergency or call back my bank is there’s an issue with my card. And the best part, the calls are free.

The app is on sale at the Apple store for $1.99.

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