The city of canals

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

National Opera, Amsterdam

We all have a travel bucket list, due to the constraints of my job, however, I’m unable to scratch off multiple spots all at once but I tend to make sure I do at least one per year.

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

Dalai Lama

Amsterdam has always been #4 on my travel list and it was due for a visit. With a weekend off and an itinerary, I purchased a ticket to the enchanted city via KLM Airlines. My decision was enticed by the fact American Express gave $200 rebates for booking KLM during the exact time I planned to visit. Now, I’ve heard stories but never actually met anyone that visited the lovely city, so I did the two most important things: booked a hotel and bought a guidebook.

I have a library of travel based books, courtesy of my older sister who broke me into the life of a travel bum. Everything from city maps, Frommer's guides and storybooks written on several locations. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam by Marko Kassenaar is a great read for a trip like this one.

Canals in Amsterdam

So I was all set for my three-day weekend in Amsterdam. I flew KLM Airlines for the first time(I'm a sky team member). I landed in Amsterdam Schiphol, received my coveted passport stamp and I was on my way. I visited the ticket and service desk, purchased a train ticket to Amsterdam central station. (The ticket desk charges €0.50 extra) I stayed at the Radisson hotel on Rusland. What I liked was the fact that Amsterdam was pretty much a walkable city. I walked through the streets and witness demonstrations in Dam Square, stroopwafels in street booths and my personal my personal favorite Dutch Fries. The peanut satay sauce with onions and mayo will have you hooked. Also while out for a beer at a local café or bar, ask for a serving of bitterballen (deep fried meatballs in mustard sauce).

Inside the Heineken Experience


The next day I set out to visit a few places, first stop was the Heineken experience, then I ventured on a canal cruise, The Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House and the Jewish Museum.

Boathouse in Amsterdam


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