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The city of Koln

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

So after Brussels, Frankfurt, and Rudesheim; my last stop was Koln. In Koln, we stayed in the Azimut Hotel Koln City. The next day, I was able to join mass at the Koln Cathedral and was it wonderful.

I visited the house of 4711 to pick up one of Koln’s famous colognes, the Museum Ludwig, and the lock bridge. I wanted to experience real German beer and was given a recommendation by a fellow German to go to Gaffel Kolsch. Kolsh is produced in Cologne but what makes Gaffel Kolsch so fun is the waiters. It’s an experience, they refill your glasses quickly and the only way for them to stop is to put your coaster on top of your drink.

 Gaffel Kolsch
Gaffel Kolsch


Until I return...

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