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The most important question of my life.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

The train pulling into the station in London
The train pulling into the station in London

I was asked an important question today, “How did I get into travel?”

17°20’N, 62°45’W

When you look at these numbers, what comes to mind? (Take a minute)

These are the coordinates for the island of Nevis. A geography student might have known that but for the rest of us, we would have been lost. I grew up on an island, surrounded by water and no interest in ever leaving.

Geography changed how I viewed the world and how I wanted to see it. I bought a map and would sit in my room and just think about all of the places I would like to go. On August 10th 2008 was the day it bit me. (The Travel bug) I boarded my first of many flights to London. I toured, I got lost, I took a trip on my first double-decker bus, fell in love with fish and chips, I did it all.

I came back to New York two weeks later with two thoughts:

1) I can’t wait to go back

2) What’s next?

“Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before.”

Dalai Lama

Traveling for me is not about the destination, it's the escape. I feel at home at the airport. In route to my destination, I’m excited for what awaits and more eager to meet its people. To begin your day in another country, learning another language, trying new foods and the overall cultural immersion. It makes me feel alive!

What does travel do for you? (Comment Below)

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