The Nations First Capital(Philadelphia)

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Rocky Statue

Long ago before Washington D.C was the center of America, Philadelphia held that crown. Remnants of this fact are still present at the site of the Liberty Bell on 5th and Market street. The Liberty Bell is perhaps the most iconic of monuments in Philadephia. It was one of the first places to visit. The fact that the Megabus drops you off right outside just made it better.

To make the most of the afternoon, I took the Philadelphia Sightseeing tour right across the street. A one day loop comes in at a whopping $34 bucks so prepare your walking legs and save that money to treat yourself to a cheesesteak from Pats. If your short on time like I was then the bus is a great option.

Market Sign

As we passed the house of Betsy Ross, the thought of who she was and why is she so important came to mind. Then the tour guide credited her to creating the U.S flag. (It all made sense) Stop 5 was my stop, the home of Reading Terminal Market. I love food! After munching through the market, I rejoined the tour. As I sat and learned Philadelphia's rich history, my intrigue grew, which might promise a return.

I got off at stop 17, the Rocky Statue. After battling with the crowd to take a picture with Balboa himself, reenact the movie and jog the steps to the top. The top perhaps gives the best view of the city, which is why Rocky liked it so much. I then walked from the steps to Logan Circle and had lunch at the water fountain. A quick visit to love park then headed over to see the best art in Philadelphia, where else but the Comcast building. It was very imaginative.

The Comcast building

I then hoped on an Indego Bike($12) and went over to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. The garden was the main thing I wanted to see in the city. It lived up to its expectation.



If biking builds up an appetite, Geno's is close by to match your cheesesteak needs. Feeling stuffed, I returned the bike and checked into the DoubleTree by Hilton. A great centrally located hotel with hip dining options nearby.

Philadephia is a great city, one that I know I've only scratched the surface of and would like to visit again. With it being less than two hours from New York, I think that's possible.

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