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Top 10 Places to Visit as a Solo Female Traveler

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

Let's start by saying "Happy Women's History Month" to all the women around the world. March is an opportunity to celebrate the women who made an impact on our history, culture, and society.

March 8th is considered International Women's Day. In honor of this day and the women I often lean on for guidance in my day-to-day life, I have asked them to compile a list of all the best places to travel as a female solo traveler. Here's a list of the top 10 places recommended by women for solo female traveling.

New York, USA.

The Famous Yellow Cabs, NYC
The Famous Yellow Cabs, NYC

New York was unanimous on almost everyone's list. Top places of interest included Central Park, Times Square, and the many museums scattered throughout the city. However, the real charm is when you leave the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Central New York and the Adirondacks, where nature lovers admire hiking, camping, and the different lakes and waterfalls throughout the area. They rated New York on the ease of getting around via the subway and the fact that buses take you to many places outside of the city. The diverse cuisine and dining experience were also rated high. The only con reported is the cost was a bit high in areas such as tours and accommodation.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Most women raved about Costa Rica as a cost-efficient, diverse speaking country and an excellent place for nature lovers. Montezuma beach and the beaches of Tamarindo are recommended as must places to visit. Jaco Beach is the surfing hotspot and the place to relax and unwind. The motto of the land is 'Pura Vida', which focuses on happiness as a way of life and carries over into everything that they do. Friendly people, great food, and a chilled atmosphere, it is worth the trip.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The women also said Buenos Aires as a great place to visit solo. The top two places where they met other female travelers were at bars and their hostel. With bars literally on every corner, there is no shortage of things to do and places to meet people. This makes traveling solo easier as the more women you tend to meet, the better plans you can make together. This is still considered solo travel but group travel reduces the cost of the overall trip. Top activities were learning the Tango and visiting Caminito in the La Boca district.

Tulum, Mexico

One of the many beaches in Tulum
One of the many beaches in Tulum

Tulum was high on everyone's list. Tulum has no shortage of beaches and is a great place to relax and having fun. The country is known for its rich Mayan Architecture and white sand beaches. If you are a fan of water sports or looking to try something new, consider things such as snorkeling in limestone sinkholes and natural cave diving. What Tulum lacks in size, it makes up in charm. It's a little adventure to get to, but you won't want to leave once you're there.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels scored high on the women's list as being one of the more walkable cities in Europe. They considered Brussels to be a food city. Who wouldn't love to indulge in Belgium chocolate, waffles, fries, and beer? Brussels has many breweries, and the Delerium has the Guinness world record for having the most beers in a bar.

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, one of the more expensive places in South East Asia, was high on the list of recommendations. The city ranks high on the world's safety index, which is a plus. It's also an extremely walkable day or night, allowing you to save money on transportation. The city has an abundance of green spaces. Many believe that humans should have a connection to nature, and so it's incorporated into the buildings. For food, you can't go wrong with a hawker market; after all, this is where the locals eat. The food is affordable and delicious. I couldn't hear enough about the chicken rice.

Bangkok, Thailand

The only complaint about Thailand is the airfare to get there is expensive. After that, it is one of the most affordable places to travel as a solo traveler. From accommodation to food, Thailand will not break the bank. Street food is the number one option for tourists and locals alike as it offers excellent choices. The night markets are considered a must-see experience. The best experience in Thailand was by heading north to Chang Moi. It had fewer people than Bangkok and better local experiences as well.

Tokyo, Japan

Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Themed cafes, futuristic architecture, and bustling nightlife are a few of the draws to Tokyo. There is no wrong time to visit. Most women visited during the spring in time to see the Cherry Blossoms. Many are drawn by the fashion scene in Japan, which is unlike any other, and took the opportunity to shop. Despite the language barrier, the people are friendly and helpful. Spend time to learn the unique history of the country and don't forget to try an onsen.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Solo female travelers loved New Zealand for being one of the best destinations they've visited. The endless activities, especially in the South Island, leave no stone unturned. Top activities included hiking Mount Cook and a visit to Milford Sound. New Zealand offers many group tours, which created the opportunity to meet new people along the way. Speaking to different people is a great way to discover things that you might not have thought about visiting. The only negative is that some things in New Zealand are a bit expensive, but it's a great place to solo travel and enjoy the natural outdoors.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Oxararfoss in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland
Oxararfoss in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Iceland was the number one destination on everyone's list. The people are friendly, and it's a safe place to explore as a solo traveler. The city of Reykjavik is walkable with lots of historical treasures to explore, but the adventure is outside of the city. If you're a nature lover, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the jaw-dropping views and natural waterfall that you will discover while driving around. If you can, consider renting a campervan and visit the entire island starting south. If you're lucky, you will see the northern lights that appear in Iceland more than half of the year.

Editors Note: Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of any parties mentioned. None of the entities mentioned has reviewed, approved, or endorsed the content listed in this post.


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