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Top things to do in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

1. Visit the Grand Central Market

Opened since 1917, the Grand Central Market is the premier location for food in DTLA. A fan favorite is Eggslut. But the wide variety of cuisine found in the market makes it a place that is suitable for all culinary needs.

Tacos from Maria's

2. The Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building was built-in 1893. It is an architectural landmark in downtown Los Angeles. The building resembles a Parisian alley and is famous among tourists.

Bradbury Building
The entrance of the Bradbury Building

3. Angels Flight Angles flight is a two-car tramline in the Bunker Hill District of Los Angeles. The original Angles Flight opened in 1901 at another location, roughly a block and a half away. The tram connects Hill Street and Olive Street and is considered as one the 'world's shortest railways'. TAP cardholders pay $0.50, and it's $1.00 when paying in cash. However, there are steps on the left that you can use as an alternative.

Angels Flight Tram

4. The Broad

The Broad is a contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles. For the museum's 5th anniversary, there was an installment of new exhibitions. Admission is free and, the lines are long.

The Broad Museum
The Broad Museum

5. The Walt Disney Concert Hall

The concert hall is home to some of the greatest musical shows in downtown Los Angeles. Artists from around the world come here to play and known as one of the most acoustical concert halls in the world.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall
The Walt Disney Concert Hall

6. Kyoto Garden

The Garden's located in the DoubleTree Hotel and is definitely worth the visit. It's a great escape in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kyoto Gardens,
The Novaturient Nomad at Kyoto Gardens,LA

7. Union Station

The station is known as 'the last of the great train stations'. It is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. Whether you come to LA by bus or by train, you will probably enter through Union Station. The decor of the station combines Spanish colonial, mission revival, and modern style architecture. This alone makes it worth the visit.

Union Station
The ceiling in Union Station

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