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Wanderlust inspired by the movie Transformers

Updated: Sep 7, 2019


After watching the latest of the Transformer series, The Last Knight, I was compelled to visit Stonehenge. On a recent visit to London, I made the journey. Part of the fun of visiting somewhere is the journey getting there. Viator had a few tours that featured the Stonehenge but the true nomad that I am wouldn’t have it no other way but to make my own way to the famed attraction.

Options to get to the Stonehenge from London.

1. Use Viator for day tours to the famed site. The upside is that the tour includes other nearby areas such as the city of Bath, however, your time at the Stonehenge is regulated to the allotted time set aside by the tour operation.

2. Driving is a good option. You’re able to stop at your leisure for those adventurers that love to stop at food-shops and local eateries along the way.

3. By train. (1hr 30 mins) The train does not take you straight to Stonehenge. Trains depart London Waterloo station and take you to the town of Salisbury. The Stonehenge tour bus (local bus) takes you from the station or you can take a cab. (Train price varies by time, Bus is £12.00)

4. By bus. (2hrs 10 mins) Buses depart from both London Heathrow and London Victoria Station. This is by far the cheapest way to get to the Stonehenge and the farther in advance you purchase the ticket the cheaper it will be. The buses take you to Amesbury. From there it’s a short cab ride or a 2-mile walk to the Stonehenge.

Once there you can walk around and see the ancient monument at your own speed. The earlier you go, the better as you would have the place to yourself. Great day-trip if your ever in London and a must for all travelers.

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