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When the unexpected happens.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Madrid Barajas Airport
Madrid Barajas Airport

After spending a few magnificent days in Madrid, I was looking forward to my trip home via Paris when I realize I couldn’t check in online. My initial thoughts were maybe something was still wrong with the age in my account or online check-ins weren’t working. (The airline has me listed as a 4-year-old) Got to the automatic kiosk and that is when I knew there was a problem. I couldn’t check in, the only thing the kiosk could tell me was please see an agent. When I finally got to the agent I received the most devastating news I’ve heard since traveling.

She informed me that my flight has been oversold and that I was involuntarily bumped from the flight and that as of that moment I was stuck in Madrid with no ticket to my final destination. The whole ordeal lasted about an hour. I used the time to research this particular incident and what to do in a situation like this one.

The fact that I potentially had to spend another day in Madrid didn’t bother me, I welcomed the idea. Now I could do the day trip to Toledo that I planned and never got to do. What bothered me was the fact that I was inconvenienced and the airline employee showed no remorse and acted like it was my fault. Her exact words were “There’s nothing I could do”.

So I’ve attached a link that's beneficial to anyone in-case you are stuck in the situation in the future at any point in time. This states the rights you have as a consumer if you are ever this unfortunate.

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