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South Beach at 6 AM
South Beach at 6 AM

It's been a while since I traveled without plans to explore the local area or beyond, but I think that is what I needed - time to relax.

Three days prior, I got invited to South Beach. I started researching things to do, places to visit, new restaurants to try, amongst other things. Miami was the location of my first blog. On a recent trip, I discovered Wynwood. So what can I do now that would be new yet amazing? The list was long!

But what I ended up doing was nothing.

To be honest, I was tired. My mind knew it, my body knew it, and I was the last person to find out. When I landed, I realized I forgot to rent a car. So instead of renting one at the airport, I decided to Uber to the hotel and rent one there.

I stayed at the Ritz Carlton South Beach. It was by far the most relaxing stay I've had all my years of traveling. From check-in to check-out, the experience was seamless.

Beach Cabana at Ritz Carlton South Beach
Beach Cabana at Ritz Carlton South Beach

I checked into the hotel and was escorted to my room by the hotel's concierge. After, I decided to explore the Club Lounge. The lounge is open to guests that are staying on the 9th and 10th floors. I must say, the staff was nothing short of amazing.

After breakfast, I returned to my room to get ready for the day. I walked around for a bit, but the sun was not my favorite thing that day. I returned to the hotel to have lunch, followed by a nap. I spent the rest of that day on the hotel balcony. It was the coolest place I could think of spending my time while enjoying the live music from the pool below.

That evening, I had dinner at Fuego Y Mar. It is the hotel's restaurant located on the Mezzanine floor. It was truly a feast! Curry snapper and spaghetti, scallions, octopus, shrimp, you name it, they had it, I tried it. Everything was delicious.

The next few days were a time loop. First, I would wake up, get breakfast from the lounge. Then, take a stroll or bike along the beach, come back and change into my swimming trunks, and debate whether I should spend the day at the beach or the pool.

I didn't arrive in South Beach with an actual itinerary. Instead, I chose to spend my time on the beach listening to the waves crash ashore while I read or journal. I didn't have to move, a beach attendant was available for drink and food orders, and I got to soak up the sun and gain as much vitamin D as needed after spending most of a year indoors.

After a few days of relaxation by the beach, it was time to return to the concrete jungle. A relaxing vacation was what I needed. The experience is evidence that there are some cases where having no plans is the best option.

Beach Day
Beach Day

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